Prominent Martyrs of the Syrian Revolution

Ahmad Hamada

Videographer Ahmed Hamada

Ahmad Hamada was born in Hama and lived in Homs, so he has the honor of these two Orontes river cities. He has learned pride from Hama and resistance from Homs. He is 27 years old. At the beginning of the revolution, he left his work in the technical services department and worked as a videographer […]

Mohammad Al Ahmad

Paramedic Mahmoud al-Ahmad

Paramedic, Mahmoud al-Ahmad, locally known “Abu Hussein”, is the most prominent paramedic among the volunteers who aided the wounded in the city of Hama. He was born in Hama in 1985, and his girl infant is less than a year old.

Alaa Abdul azziz

Alaa Abdul Aziz Khareeta

The Story of Alaa Abdul Aziz Khareeta, peaceful dynamism activist in Az-Zabadani city in Rural Damascus and its Revolution Coordination Committee member.


Paramedic Mus’ab Bard

Doctor and paramedic Mus’ab Bard, Tortured to death by regime forces for aiding civilians, he was the epitome of a medical venture in and of himself in my beloved Syria.

Rami Iqbal

Media Activist Rami Iqbal

SNHR & DCHRS- Syria- Torture to Death- Case-in-point, Rami Iqbal, a videographer. Torturing Media Activists to Death … Case-in-point, Torturing Rami Sulaiman Iqbal, a videographer, to death.

Qassem mohammad

Qassim Muhammad Ali Ali

SNHR & DCHRS- Syria- A report on extra judicial executions by Assad’s regime Extra judicial execution …. Qassim Muhammad Ali Ali one of hundreds extra judicially executed

Alaa Omar

Alaa Umar Jumaa’s

Assad’s regime kills media activists to conceal the truth; Latakia media activist, Alaa Umar Jumaa They hate truth; therefore, they kill and shed the blood of the Syrian people. Alaa Jumaa is 23 years old young man from the village of Istirba in which streets the most beautiful protests in the neighbourhood of Ar-Raml al-Janoubi […]

Omar Alghabtawi

Umar al-Ghabtawi

To report situation on ground on Syrian lands, media activists are killed one after another, the story of Umar al-Ghabtawi, a videographer: Umar al-Ghantawi is 18 years old young man from the city Homs. At the beginning of the revolution, he left his work as a mobile phone technician and started his activities as a […]

Mohammad Jameel

Muhammad Jameel Rahmah

Jameel has been born in 1995 in al-Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus. He lives in an ancient small Arabic house facing the neighborhood’s water tank. Jameel is the breadwinner of his family, his mother and three sisters who are younger than him. His father had passed away in 2010, so Jameel had to work to meet […]

Anas Attrash

Anas At-Tarshah

Anas, born in 1993, is a first year business administration student at al-Qalamoun University. He is from Homs and lives in al-Hamra neighborhood.  He had been one of the most prominent activists in the city of Homs; he filmed many footages and sometimes he had taken care of the live broadcasting device.


Hossam Ayyash

One of the first two victims of the revolution, killed in Daraa.


Mahmoud Jawabra

One of the first two victims of the revolution, killed in Daraa.


Mashaal Tammo

Kurdish leader murdered by the regime.


Hamza al-Khatib

14 year old tortured to death in prison.


Tamer Alawwam

Film maker.


Ghiath Matar

Peaceful activist, tortured to death.


Bassel Shehadeh

Christian filmmaker.


Kenda Moustafa

Alawite victim.